Update January 2013

Following the Society’s Mass and Reception in Westminster in October 2012, we have arranged for a similar Event in Southwark on Tuesday 15th October.  Mass in the Cathedral will be at 6pm, followed by a Reception in the Amigo Hall. If you would like an invitation, please let us know.

Over the past year, ten convert clerics whom the Society helped have been ordained priest. They are:

  • Fr Matthew Bemand-Qureshi         Brentwood
  • Fr Jonathan Brown            Liverpool
  • Fr Wayne Coughlin           Northampton
  • Fr Nick De Keyser           Brentwood
  • Fr Craig Fullard                Birmingham
  • Fr John Gilbert                  Plymouth
  • Fr Paul Inman                   Northampton
  • Fr Christopher Perry         Northampton
  • Fr Roger Raven                Birmingham
  • Fr James Siemens            Ukrainian Exarchate

Deacon Bruces Walles was ordained for Liverpool on 16th December. Please pray for him as he prepares to be ordained priest in April.

Please pray also for the other twelve convert clerics whom the Society helps who are in training or have been accepted for training for the priesthood.

Fr Jonathan Brown was previously one of the Society’s District Organisers and relinquished this to become a diocesan priest.

Glyn Roberts, another of our Organisers, has retired.


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