Veni Creator Spiritus

Veni Creator Spiritus 

The Solemnity of Pentecost concludes the fifty days of the Easter season and marks the beginning of the Church, born from the side of the Crucified on Calvary, animated as she is after the Ascension of her Lord by the gift of the Holy Spirit.

God the Holy Spirit is the very gift of God to the Church, it is the Spirit of God which we celebrate here and every time we cry out to God, ‘Abba, Father!’

Each time we pray we do so in the power of the Spirit who is among and around and before and behind and within us.

‘Come Holy Spirit’ we say confident that the Sprit is here, teaching us, guiding us, empowering us.

The same Spirit poured out on Our Lady and the apostles at Pentecost is given to us, sacramentally at confirmation, and when in simple love of God we call again upon God to send forth the Spirit to renew us and the whole world.

The propers of the Mass of Pentecost powerfully emphasise three great themes for the coming of the Spirit: sanctity, abundance and (rather strangely perhaps) security.

Sanctity. The Collect speaks of this Great feast and asks Almighty God to sanctify the Church in every people and nation. We want to be holy for to be holy is to be close to God. By the spirit we are equipped for holiness and in the Spirit of God we find our happiness. Everything else (we know it!) is found wanting. The Spirit is our only fulfilment and is the gift of God for all.

Abundance. The Prayer over the offerings asks the Lord ‘to reveal the abundance of the mysteries we celebrate’.By the Spirit we know God and we know the treasure that the Holy Spirit opens up to our spirits. The abundance, the fullness of God, fills our whole being. This gift of God is our deepest satisfaction.

Security. The Prayer after communion prays ‘Safeguard… the grace you have given.’ In the circumstances of life riddled with so much uncertainty and insecurity, God is our rock and our sure defence, our comfort and our consolation. We open our hearts to the promise of the Spirit, renewing the life of the Church and our lives, sanctifying us, filling us, sustaining us. Come Holy Spirit!

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