About Us

Recent convert Jeffrey Steel with his family

The St Barnabas Society, a registered charity, operates in Great Britain and Ireland and exists to provide pastoral and financial help on behalf of the whole Catholic community to former clergy ministers and religious from other churches, who live in Great Britain and Ireland, and who have been led by faith and conscience to come into full communion with the Catholic Church.

St Barnabas was chosen as its patron because it was he who befriended Paul after his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus and encouraged him to begin a new life in the apostolic church with St Peter at its head.

Those who have been ministers, clergy or religious of other churches lose not only their jobs but also often their homes. Many are not qualified, trained or experienced in any other work and find it very difficult to obtain another job. Thanks to the generosity of the Catholic community the St. Barnabas Society is able to help these people with friendship, advice, and where necessary financial support.

Those who have been religious may have no money or possessions of any kind. The monetary grants we make may range from a one-off amount; to meet a particular need such as for clothes, to a regular monthly grant to help with living and housing costs. The Trustees decide the size and frequency of the discretionary grants on the basis of the needs of the applicant. Monthly grants are reviewed at regular intervals in the light of the applicant’s current position.

The St Barnabas Society continues the work, begun over a century ago, of welcoming and helping clergy and religious of other churches. It cooperates with the Bishops and Parish Priests to provide support until the individuals have been integrated into the Catholic community and established in a new life.

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