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The latest newsletter from the St Barnabas Society includes a message from Archbishop Bernard Longley, news from our district organisers, an article by John Pontifex about the impact of his great-grandfathers conversion to Catholicism, news of the Lusted family and reflections from David Redfield and Karen Knight on their journeys.

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The Lusted Family Received into the Catholic Church

Lusteds        The Lusted family were received into the Church on the Feast of Christ the King. They are now living in Tunbridge Wells. Jack had been a vicar in Easter Sussex in recent years having been ordained in the Church of England with Fr Richard in 1990.

The Mass was celebrated at St Anselm’s in Pembury. Fr Ed Tomlinson, the priest at Pembury was the principal celebrant. The concelebrants were Fr Nicholas Leviseur of Pembury Parish, Fr Terry Martin, vocations director of the diocese of Arundel & Brighton and Fr Richard.

The Lusted family were welcomed so warmly by the parishioners and entertained the clergy to lunch afterwards.

We pray for them and send them our warmest good wishes and congratulations.

May Christ the King reign in our hearts and direct our ways in the paths of holiness and peace.

Jack & Sarah’s eldest son, Isaac Lusted, writes his own account of this great day

During the summer holidays 2014 my family and I came to the decision to request to be received into the Catholic Church, my dad contacted an ex-Anglican Catholic priest, Fr Ed, who took us for   lessons to prepare for reception. These sessions started during the autumn and gave us the background for the beliefs and practises of Catholicism. We are still going to the lessons that we learn more.

These sessions took us though creation, who God and Jesus is and the proof for him, confession, what the Church believes, the virtues and 7 deadly sins. They were really helpful for and extremely interesting.

On entering the church on the day we would be received we were greeted by the priest and were given our books just like any other Sunday. We were previously told a day or two before to sit at the front two rows, so we did – right at the front. The service was a normal mass with hymns and a sermon (although it was brief). The only difference was that after the creed we (those of us being received) stood up and each took it in turns to walk to the front with our sponsor – Fr Terry Martin for me, my brother and my dad, and Mrs Hayley Tomlinson for my two sisters and my mother. We were asked if we believed the teaching of the Catholic Church, we knelt in front of the priest, we were anointed with the oil of Chrism in confirmation. And just like that you’re a Catholic. The service then carried on as normal.

After the service had pictures were take and then we left for home. At home my parents had invited our sponsors, Fr Richard and Fr Ed and his family for a very jolly Sunday lunch.

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