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Mr Roland Hayes - Chairman of The St Barnabas Society

I was appointed the Chair of Trustees of the St Barnabas Society in November 2016, taking over from Gerald Soane, who had led the Board for the previous nine years. I believe that the Saint Barnabas Society is now in a time of transition, having also appointed a new Director in September 2017, and that future developments will bring many rewards for the Society and for the Church.
Charity trustees are responsible for their charity and more particularly, the beneficiaries. There are
six main duties:

Ensuring the Saint Barnabas Society is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit;
Complying with governing documents and the law;
Ensuring the charity is accountable;
Managing the charity’s resources responsibly;
Acting with reasonable care and skill; and,
Acting in the Society’s best interests.

As Chair of trustees my role is to ensure that all these things happen. The Board meets six times a
year, and I chair those meetings, which monitor the work of the Society, and set strategic goals for
the medium and long term.
The untimely death of my brother led me to reflect deeply on my life and my faith and I became a
Catholic in 1998. I had been an Anglo-Catholic worshipper at St Agnes, Kennington Park in London, so it was not a huge step in liturgical terms to become a Catholic. Since then I have tried to be as active in the Church as time will allow, in my parish here in London, on the Cardinal’s Appeal
Stewardship committee, in the Catenian Association and the Order of the Holy Sepulchre.
Please keep the Society in your prayers. Thank you.


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